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Wait, What Happened Season 2

Wait, What Happened returns for another season, airing in March of 2024 with new episodes streaming every week on Very Local!

Directed and Produced by Hannah Rose Snyder 

The Dinner Party Trailer
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The Dinner Party

“A Warm Dinner for a Cold War”

A simple dinner turns into a game of soviet cat and american mouse in this slapstick comedy.


Written and Directed by Luke Keibler 

Producer/1st AD: Maxwell Cianci

Cinematography by Raffaelle DiLullo 

Editing by Kelsey Myers 

Production Design by Nathaniel Fitzgerald 

Production Sound by Scott Geibel Jr. 

Wardrobe by Alexa Freeman 

HMU by Lindsey Donnelly 

Original Composition by Christopher Poetz 

Post Sound Mastering by Monte Nickles 

Gaffing by Kory Pitkavish

Deer Valley Folk Fest Social Campaign

Rose Gold Pictures covered created a series of social documentary and promotional pieces as a part of their promotional campaign on social platforms including Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook.